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Ability Title

We are proud to partner with Ability Title! Established in 2003 by attorney Kirk Bauer Ability Title handles all matters surrounding purchasing, selling, or mortgaging or real property. 

We are prepared to assist you in all your needs from residential to commercial real estate closings. 

Ability Title provides the following real estate title services:

  • Real Property Transfers include handling the transferal of land with structures or buildings on site (agricultural, commercial, residential).

  • Title Examinations to ensure the title to a property is marketable or ready for sale.

  • Title Commitments to issue a title policy and provide various binding conditions.

  • Title Insurance to protect you from financial loss from defects in title to real property.

  • Preparation of Buyer’s Closing Documents to professionally streamline the closing process for buyers.

  • Preparation of Seller’s Transfer/Closing Documents to efficiently map out the close of a sale or transfer for a seller.

  • Preparation of Loan Documents to efficiently achieve loan approval and closing.

  • Escrow Services to ensure that no funds or property will move until conditions in the transaction are completed.

  • Construction Loan Disbursement & Servicing to assure disbursement of funds in order to complete construction on a property.

  • 1031 Exchanges – tax deferred property exchanges. Selling a property with the proceeds used for the acquisition of another.

  • All Real Estate Closing Services

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